Technical Presentation

Technical Presentation

Technical Presentation

April 27, 2021

The MIOA Technical Presentation for April was held the 27th, with a program entitled: Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) - Beyond Market News. Jim Bernau, second delegate for the U.S., moderated the session. The main objective of the presentation was to introduce the MIOA audience to some of the other important areas of work carried out by AMS, such as the Marketing Orders and Agreements Division (MOAD), the Perishable Agricultural Products Act (PACA) and the Promotion and Economics Division (PED).

The event began with an explanation from Peter Scarabelli, from the Marketing Orders and Agreements Division, on the marketing conditions and guidelines for fruits, vegetables and specialty crops. At a general level, this program seeks to stabilize markets by balancing the availability of quality products with the need for adequate yields for producers; thereby, helping producers solve marketing problems.

Travis Hubbs, PACA Deputy Director, briefed attendees on what this program is and how it works. PACA defines common trade terms, establishes fair trade rules, provides a forum for dispute resolution, and provides real-time advice to producers and marketers.

Kelly Robertson, Acting Deputy Director of the Promotion and Economics Division, presented on the national research and promotion programs administered by AMS. The goal of this program is to support industries in maintaining and expanding domestic and foreign markets for U.S. agricultural products.

The event was attended by Lloyd Day, Deputy Director of IICA, who commented on the strategic role of these programs for USDA and their importance and potential at the hemispheric level.

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