"Agricultural Price Analysis Techniques" Course Opening

"Agricultural Price Analysis Techniques" Course Opening

"Agricultural Price Analysis Techniques" Course Opening

February 20, 2020


Enrollment for the course is already enabled, the course starts on March 1 and will end on April 30.

You can access it through or with the course direct link.

MIOA and IICA are proud to announce the opening of the second part of its two-part virtual course about Agricultural Price Analysis. The course is self-managed and free for everyone. Upon completion, you can download a certificate of approval, issued by IICA and MIOA.

This course is the continuation of the "Introduction to Agricultural Price Analysis" course, developed by MIOA in an effort to strengthen the capabilities of Agricultural Market Information Systems (MIS) technicians, analysts, students and people interested in learning more about prices.

It focuses on studying and transferring the necessary tools for Basic Agricultural Price Analysis for decision-making. A technical manual on the subject elaborated by MIOA will be provided for its timely implementation in the specific area to be addressed by each student.


Course Outline 

  • - Sources of Price Variation. 
  • - Technical Price Analysis. 
  • - How are agricultural markets linked? 


Any questions or queries about the registration to the course please write to to assist you.