Using the Online Tools of USDA Market News

Using the Online Tools of USDA Market News

Using the Online Tools of USDA Market News

  • January 27 - 27, 2022

  • Virtual



Using the Online Tools of USDA Market News



Presented by:

Leading market information specialists from the Agricultural Market Service (AMS), Market News Divisions, USDA.


Terry Long, Director of Specialty Crops Market News and Chair of MIOA, will introduce his colleagues from the Market News divisions of AMS to cover the new and existing tools that are available to capture and utilize data and information from their sectors. The program is entitled, Using the Online Tools of USDA Market News, and will be presented on January 27th, 2022.

Market News views itself as the Eyes and Ears of Agriculture and has since its creation in 1915. Getting our market information and reports to the public, in a timely fashion and in a form that they can use, has always been an important goal for Market News. We know that both data needs and customer expectations change over time and our challenge as market information specialists is to keep up.

AMS has invested in several new tools and capabilities to improve customer access and strengthen the data visualization and customization components of its online presence, with the primary public facing component being My Market News.

The AMS divisions whose information will be presented are:


Livestock, Poultry and Grain Market News

Specialty Crops Market News

Dairy Market News

Cotton and Tobacco Market News

MARS/My Market News Management Team


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