Agricultural Products Survey of Prices

Agricultural Products Survey of Prices

Agricultural Products Survey of Prices

  • August 10 - 10, 2021

  • Virtual





Agricultural Products Survey of Prices

  Instituto de Desarrollo Rural – IDR

Mendoza, Argentina


Presented by:


Sergio Velocce

 In charge of the Agricultural Price System 

 Instituto de Desarrollo Rural

 Mendoza, Argentina


Sergio Velocce, Head of the Agricultural Price System of the Rural Development Institute (IDR - Instituto de Desarrollo Rural by its Spanish acronym) of Mendoza, Argentina, will present a general description of the characteristics, tools and methodologies developed for the generation, monitoring and dissemination of agricultural prices information. The presentation will analyze his experience in the matter of prices paid to the producer, fruit and vegetable wholesale market prices and agricultural supplies prices.


The objective of these technical talks is to stimulate debate among the meeting participants and share information and experiences with a view to improving market information services in all countries. 


We hope you find the information valuable. Please plan to join us on August 10 to learn more about this important Foundation.


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