Name of the Institution

Office of Studies and Agrarian Policy (ODEPA) - Oficina de Estudios y Políticas Agrarias (ODEPA).

Institutional Level  

Government institution.

Role of the Institution  

The Agrarian Studies and Policies Office (ODEPA) is a public service that provides information and delivers analyses on the most important topics for the forestry, farming and livestock sector. The office possesses a wide range of agricultural and forestry statistics at the regional, national and international levels, to assist different stakeholders in the sector with decision-making.

Objectives of the institution as to its information  

To strengthen the management of the Ministry of Agriculture and public and private agencies involved in the forestry, farming and livestock field, by providing specialized consulting and information services.

Operational structure of the information area  

Information is handled by the Agricultural Information Department, which includes the Market News, Publications, and Geomatics units.

Specific activities that they carry out  

The activities focus on providing information services related to agricultural markets, information analysis services and agricultural monitoring services, including:

  • Analyzing forestry, farming and livestock activities, including the current situation of the main areas and topics of interest to the sector.
  • Creating and publishing statistics on the sector: prices, production and trade.
  • Cooperating in the development of sectoral policies and in the coordination of the Ministry of Agriculture’s programs and instruments.
  • Coordinating the work carried out by the Ministry of Agriculture’s National Committees, by area.
  • Participating in the country’s foreign trade negotiations.
  • Carrying out research on topics that are relevant to the sector.


The website provides access to a series of information services, described below:

  • Prices: daily monitoring of prices for commodities at the wholesale, consumer, and international level.
  • Production statistics: yearly crop-growing surface area and crop production, property registers for fruit and wine production areas, etc.
  • Forestry, farming and livestock foreign trade: import and export figures, trade balance and access to international markets.
  • Studies: in-depth analysis of important topics for the sector.
  • Articles: publications offering analyses of markets, production and domestic and international trade of the main products in the forestry, farming and livestock sector.
  • Radio interviews: commentaries by ODEPA specialists; analyses and information relevant to the sector.
  • News: the most important daily news pertaining to the agroforestry sector.


  • Daily newsletter on fruits and vegetables from flowering plants.
  • Weekly newsletter on flowers in Santiago’s wholesale markets.
  • Weekly newsletter on prices and volumes of fruits and vegetables in the country’s wholesale markets.
  • Monthly and annual newsletter on milk.
  • Monthly newsletter on beef.
  • Monthly newsletter on inputs.
  • Monthly newsletter on corn.
  • Monthly newsletter on wine and distillery.
  • Monthly newsletter on potatoes.
  • Monthly newsletter on fruits.
  • Monthly newsletter on wheat.
  • Monthly newsletter on processed fruits and vegetables.
  • Bimonthly newsletter on employment in agriculture.
  • Trade Balance (Balanza comercial) (monthly).
  • Gender in Agriculture (Agro género) (biannual).
  • Economic Climate of Forestry, Farming and Livestock (Coyuntura silvoagropecuaria) (monthly).
  • Agricultural Markets (Mercados agropecuarios) (quarterly).
  • Overview of Chilean Agriculture (Panorama de la agricultura chilena) (annual).

Customer Service Center  

Forestry, Farming and Livestock Information Center (Centro de Informacion Silvoagropecuaria, CIS). Valentin Letelier 1339. Santiago de Chile.
Tel.:(56 -2) 23973118.

Services provided include statistical references, library and bibliographic references, and tutorial assistance.



Queries, suggestions, and/or complaints may be sent to or submitted via the “Contacto SIAC” section on the Comprehensive Information and Customer Services System (SIAC).


MIOA Delegates

Bernabé Tapia Cruz
Head of the Department of Agricultural Information - ODEPA
Tel.: (56-2) 23973150

Ivonne López Tapia
Coordinator of the Market News Unit - ODEPA
Tel.: (56-2) 23973115