How key data contacts serve MIS in an emergency

How key data contacts serve MIS in an emergency

How key data contacts serve MIS in an emergency

  • August 11, 2020



Butch Speth, Jim Bernau  and Terry Long are three of the lead managers from the Market News Service of USDA.  They will introduce methodologies used in market reporting at the shipping point, point of production, or point of entry for imports.  They will show the different types or levels of market participants that are part of the reporting systems, as well as the broad range of market factors that AMS Market News is capturing; mostly on a daily or weekly basis.  These other factors include supply, demand, and movement on a near real-time basis.  This type of market transparency is extremely valuable and widely used on a frequent basis by a range of beneficiaries. With the current global pandemic of COVID-19, agricultural market information of all types has seen an uptick in interest and garnered a wider appreciation – even within our own institutions. 

The Market News Service, just like all of the agricultural market information systems (MIS) across the Americas, has been asked to step up and provide daily information to high level government policy makers in our nations.  We, as both Market News and the MIS of MIOA, were in most cases largely unprepared to provide the timely and in-depth information that was needed.  However, we have grown our abilities and filled the information needs that we could as the managers of MIS in our nations. Market News perhaps has an advantage in emergency reporting in that it has existing contacts along the entire chain, from production to transportation.  So, they were invited to talk about that reporting and how that type of reporting supported providing critical information up the chain at USDA in the current emergency. 

For MIOA, we hope to use this Technical Presentation by Market News to lead off our discussions about Best Practices in Emergency Reporting.  This effort to develop such a reference guide came out of the regional COVID discussions on impact in our countries.  The presentation will be offered in English and Spanish and will be recorded for addition to the MIOA website.  The webinar target audience is the managers and professionals of MIS across the Americas as members of MIOA, but market analysts, economists or information specialists, from either the government or the private sector, who might appreciate a greater understanding of reporting at USDA.