Brazil's Fruits and Vegetable Modernization Program

Brazil's Fruits and Vegetable Modernization Program

Brazil's Fruits and Vegetable Modernization Program

  • September 8, 2020



Joyce Rocha Oliveira Fraga, manager of Modernization of the Brazil’s Fruit and Vegetable Market, will give a presentation about the Brazilian Program of Modernization of the Fruit and Vegetable Market (Prohort), operated by the National Supply Company (Conab), a public company linked to the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply.

The scenario of the national fruit and vegetable sector will be presented, under the approach of wholesale markets, which constitute important marketing platforms for the export of vegetables and fruits in Brazil. In this context, the main function of Prohort is to consolidate information on prices, quantities and origin of the products sold in these warehouses, in order to strengthen the strategic intelligence of the sector.

The methodology to collect, process, and disseminate information, adopted by the wholesale markets and the Program, will be addressed. A detailed exposition of the information systems and the application on fruit and vegetable prices provided by Prohort will be made, all of which are publicly accessible. Finally, numerous data analyses that the interested public (producers, merchants, students, researchers and economic agents, among others) can carry out. Those related to the seasonality of the offer stand out; the historical series of wholesale prices; the participation percentage of the states in the vegetables and fruits supply; and the product’s travel path, from the producing areas to the wholesale markets, among other studies.

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